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Peter Gurney's project with the Dr. Hadwyn Trust

Posted to the GPDD, July 11, 2006

I work for the Dr Hadwen Trust (one of the charities Peter Gurney
supported). We fund medical research without the use of animals. My area is to compile and research our mail order catalogue. I wanted to say thank you to all of you who have show an interest in our charity's website as a tribute to Peter Gurney.

I though you may like to know of my connection with him shortly before he died. For our forthcoming mail order catalogue we are offering pewter guinea pig asthma lapels sold in aid of our asthma research project. Sadly, standard research usually uses guinea pigs for this type of research.

We emailed Peter and asked him if he would like to give a message of support for the guinea pig lapels, and he kindly approved a quote in June. I had long wanted to connect Peter Gurney to the Trust because his endorsement of our work meant so much to me. I respect so much how he has furthered the public's knowledge of guinea pig welfare and given us all a much better understanding of guinea pigs health. Nearly every sentence I utter about my guinea pigs begins 'Peter Gurney says..' because as far as I am concerned what Peter Gurney didn't know about guinea pigs wasn't worth knowing.

Peter's quote for our guinea pig asthma lapels is to be included in our forthcoming fund-raising catalogue with a small note about Peter's sad passing and his belief in our work.

Before that, Peter Gurney had been emailing the general secretary of the Trust and sent some great images of his pigs that he'd taken (some with bongos and other musical instruments!). They discussed their shared love of jazz and he knew immediately why I had named my guinea pigs BG and Artie (after jazz clarinetists Benny Goodman and Artie Shaw). We even asked him about BG's watery eye and he kindly gave some suggestions for that.

I think what I most like about Peter is that he never made himself
inaccessible. He wanted as many people as possible to learn about how truy wonderful guinea pigs are and how best to care for them, and if you asked him for advice, he was never too busy to give it.

I am very proud that Peter will be in our new catalogue. In his books and sound advice he left a great legacy for guinea pig lovers the world over.

Thank you again to all of you who have taken a look at our website. It's very kind of you.

Kind regards,

Carole Welsey
Dr Hadwen trust

Peter Gurney photo courtesy of The Winking Cavy Store

For those who wish, a contribution can be made in his name to the Dr. Hadwyn Trust in Peter's name.

Follow this link.



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